Sales Tax/ VAT/ GST
Internal auditing is an activity with an objective assurance which is designed to add value and improve the operations of an organization. Internally, the risk management is a big concern for audit committees and senior management in the corporate world. At the present time, most of the companies are in need of experienced internal auditors which address the concerns in risk management, execute business plans, enhance internal controls and meet governance responsibilities.

We at AVSR holds a well-experienced team of Internal auditor, the professionals who are willing to take a risk-based approach to an internal audit with a view to help our clients in improved performance and efficiency operations. We go beyond traditional fundamentals and add tangible value. We work together with an aim to build an internal audit into a strategic as well as a well productive tool in today's corporate governance environment. We offer expert consultancy services relating to Goods and Services Tax GST to the following:
  • Corporates
  • Individuals (both Residents and Non-residents)
  • Foreign companies
  • Partnership firms
  • GST Registration
  • GST Return filing
  • GST Planning and Implementation
  • Obtaining initial registrations
  • All compliance under GST
  • Minimization of tax exposure
  • Structuring business transactions
  • Filing/checking of periodical returns
  • Remittance of taxes
  • Training of staff in sales tax
  • VAT and record keeping.
  • Assistance during assessments
  • Assist in compliance with procedures
  • Availing tax benefits
  • Litigation services involving strategy
  • Preparation and filing of appeals
  • Representation before the authorities
  • The VAT legislation
Apart from this, we have also established ourself in providing the services of Due Diligence Investigation where a person signs a contract along with a certain standard of care. It can be a legal obligation, but the term can also be more commonly applied to the voluntary investigations.
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